ProfiSea Labs Welcomes Itsik Harpaz as an Advisory Board Member

2 min readApr 10, 2021

We are honored to welcome Itsik Harpaz to the ProfiSea Labs Advisory Board.

Colonel (Res.) Itsik Harpaz has spent more than 25 years leading the Big Data, Infrastructure, and IT division in the elite Israeli Military Intelligence Unit 8200.

Now a retired veteran, he is a top-notch senior executive, entrepreneur, and mentor with a proven track record of building and enhancing innovative R&D companies. He is proficient in turning IT opportunities into business growth, using multidisciplinary, deep experience in cybersecurity, IoT, data analytics, RF, blockchain, mechanics, and industrial engineering.

We’re delighted he’s joining us and will help strengthen our strategic positioning on the Cloud Management Platforms market.

In his recent statement, Itsik said: “The cloud domain is becoming the standard, but the big players sometimes forget the mass users. ProfiSea Labs is led by a talented, experienced professionals who learned the pains and needs in the “battlefield”, and are aiming to revolutionize the tools to manage your cloud, using best practices and solutions from many real customers use cases.”

ProfiSea Labs is a free innovative, next-gen Multi-cloud Management Platform that lets you govern, analyze, visualize, and optimize your cloud infrastructure. It enables you to maximize your cloud’s ROI, using automatically generated real-time maps and diagrams of your cloud architecture and machine learning-based insights on its security and cost-efficiency. Using ProfiSea Labs, you can control your cloud spendings and drive up to 90 percent savings on your virtual assets.

With Itsik supporting us in our journey to transform the cloud industry, our existing and future customers will gain unique benefits from our innovations and technological excellence. Our simplistic yet robust product will empower them to get the most out of cloud investments.




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