In-house DevOps or DevOps as a Service: What is Best for Your Business?

In-house DevOps: A long-awaited dream or a nightmare?

According to Glassdoor, ‘DevOps Engineer’ is ranked 5th of the ten best jobs in America following Java Developer, Data Scientist, Product Manager, and Enterprise Architect, and comes with a median base salary of $110,003. Do organizations want to hire DevOps engineers and develop their own DevOps teams? Of course, they do. In 2021 there were c. 7,000 DevOps job openings. Clearly, there are benefits in having your own DevOps team. But what are they and are they cost-effective? Well, an in-house DevOps team provides control over each phase of the SDLC (software development lifecycle), and so your infrastructure will be tailored to your team’s toolkit and skills. However, for DevOps to work, it has to be implemented correctly. Atlassian’s study found that almost 85% of organizations faced problems when applying DevOps, whether related to a lack of employee skills, outdated infrastructure, or difficulties in adjusting to a new corporate culture.

DevOps as a Service: perks and pitfalls

A DevOps team of mature DevOps professionals can provide DevOps as a Service (DaaS) and enable you to quickly deploy your products and focus on streamlining and simplifying internal SDLC processes and improving your core product/services. A key advantage to DaaS is that the DaaS team will have all the expertise and experience needed to leverage DevOps best practices and handle virtual infrastructure processes easily and is best placed to troubleshoot any ad hoc issues.

  • End-to-end IT services covering all phases of SDLC. Plus, mature DevOps specialists’ decisions are driven by an ethos of enhancing the value of your business.
  • Improvements to your existing cloud infrastructure. Experienced DevOps engineers will design and implement cloud infrastructure of any size and complexity or upgrade your existing systems to fulfill your business requirements utilizing DevOps best tools and practices.
  • Vetted & handpicked DevOps talents. Many companies, when dreaming about streamlined and automated product delivery processes, find it difficult to attract serious DevOps talents. Dedicated DaaS teams help overcome this problem.
  • Management and professional advice. You can turn to a mature DaaS company for consulting services to help you clarify ideas on how to improve your product/service delivery processes.

How to choose a good DevOps service provider

As interest in cloud computing only grows, the need for DevOps services is growing too. The pre-pandemic numbers from Global Market insights suggested that this market would increase four times and reach $17B by 2026. North America was leading the implementation of DevOps solutions, with 45% of the market share.

Final thoughts

The author of this 2016 article in Forbes compared DevOps implementation to gear shifting, which means that improvements to DevOps are visible at every stage of the development process since engineers could once again focus entirely on the product rather than manually performing routine tasks. The best DevOps engineers can simplify product development, improve communication between individual project teams, and save the company money. DevOps functions run in the background, ensuring that all systems are constantly monitored and operational. In addition, when problems arise, DevOps engineers act as good problem solvers. At the same time, hiring for DevOps is not an easy thing to do. Many businesses cannot afford to spend months recruiting and onboarding. Moreover, it is quite expensive to hire and maintain your own DevOps engineers. Many businesses simply do not have the time and resources to build an in-house DevOps team.



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