Enterprise Costs on DevOps Reduced by 80%

About the client

Executive Summary

Main Goals for Partnership

  • Sirin Labs had in place a complex and massive DevOps infrastructure established for the whole enterprise ecosystem that included AWS Suite, CI/CD, Monitoring, and more. This infrastructure covers all 3 different environments that the client has: Development, Production, Blockchain. Thus, it required thorough setup, maintenance, support, updates, and continuous improvements in the software delivery process.
  • The critical issue was that the enterprise infrastructure wasn’t changing/evolving often enough. So, there was no need in keeping the full-time in-house DevOps experts, while the enterprise ecosystem didn’t require fast-pacing support and updates.
  • Our client has been seeking a solution that could eliminate the need for the full-time in-house DevOps engineer and significantly reduce the overall costs of their DevOps services.

Value ProfiSea Delivered

How We Reduced the DevOps Services Costs:

  • Being a lean and DevOps outsourcing company, we’ve ensured that there is no waste of time or money for our client — no extra, unnecessary meetings, no bureaucracy — only high-quality Agile services enabled by our professionalism.
  • With an individual approach to the client’s needs, we assigned a dedicated technical account manager who collaborated with the client’s tech team and managers to find the best solutions for them. It was a tech-savvy expert that fully understood the client’s requests and spoke the same language.
  • Having extensive expertise, we’ve ensured the fastest learning curve possible — within 2 days. Our DevOps experts succeeded in learning the system very quickly and started working with the client’s development team to provide a high-quality DevOps service.
  • In 5 days, we assessed and audited our client’s existing enterprise architecture — DevOps, Staging, Production environments, Linux machines, RDS, provisioning by Terraform, Jenkins CI/CD. Even though it was appropriately built — there were still several points for improvements that we outlined suggesting suitable actions to take.
  • After the client approved our suggestions, we implemented the appropriate changes in their CI/CD pipeline. All the processes and technologies are well-known to us, so we quickly achieved all the technical goals, establishing ongoing and trustworthy collaboration with our partner.

Our Results

  • For 20% of the market price, we provided the same maintenance work, automation of the environment creation, and fast SLA. Our DevOps as a Service outsourcing cooperation model substituted the need to spend more money on the onsite DevOps support.
  • Sirin Labs now uses our fast and professional DevOps services on-demand — scaling up and down when needed. They don’t pay for the “idle time” — only for the work done, just as you use computing resources on the Cloud, and enjoy fast and professional service.
  • As a result of our partnership, the client’s overall expenses previously spent on DevOps services were reduced by 80%.
  • Our engineers are proficient in all up-to-date tools and methodologies. So, we seamlessly coped with the very short knowledge transfer period and started providing the continuous DevOps service in the shortest time possible. Due to this, we’ve avoided delays in the client’s production cycle and losses in their income.
  • For over a year now, we keep providing our partner with all the needed prompt support for everything DevOps-related and maintenance for their CI/CD environment. We’re always in touch with their team to offer consultations and advice.



Profisea is an Israeli DevOps & Cloud boutique service company. Uniskai by Profisea Labs -AI-Based Multicloud Cost Optimization Platform

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Profisea is an Israeli DevOps & Cloud boutique service company. Uniskai by Profisea Labs -AI-Based Multicloud Cost Optimization Platform