Britannica Knowledge Systems Seamlessly Migrated to Docker Based Architecture over AWS Cloud Infrastructure Leveraging ProfiSea’s DevOps as a Service Expertise

ProfiSea, Israeli DevOps & Cloud Company

About Britannica Knowledge Systems (BKS)

Executive Summary

Partnership in Milestones

Value ProfiSea Delivered

1 Iteration: Assessment , Cloud Architecture Discussion, POC and Cost Evaluation

  • We assessed and evaluated the existing architecture to create a migration roadmap.
  • We created a Docker-based solution architecture using AWS as an IaaS and PaaS vendor. The solution will be based on Amazon Kubernetes Service (EKS) as a docker orchestration tool. Our expert also suggested a solution using various AWS services like Elasticsearch as a distributed search and analytics engine, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS).
  • It was agreed with the client to have all the development and testing departments’ Labs on AWS.
  • After designing the infrastructure based on the AWS best practices, our team created a Proof of Concept (PoC) for the client’s distributed Monolithic Windows-based system running on dockers. We wrapped the application in Docker technology with further containerization and orchestration by Kubernetes. PoC showed successful results in performance and functionality testing.
  • We estimated the client’s project expenses using an AWS representative’s help to achieve the proposed solution’s optimal costs. The evaluation procedure was put in a continuous ‘planned vs. actual’ mode to always keep track of whether we’re staying within the budget.
  • During the entire project, we’ve been continuously comparing costs so that everything was within acceptable limits. If the changes were required, we optimized the environments in-use, right-sized and re-architectured specific are

2 Iteration: One Click environment automated deployment and Upgrade via Terraform and Ansible

  • Next, our team built the automated deployment flow using Terraform. Terraform allowed BKS to deploy the whole system over AWS in one click, enabling the overall deployment cycle to be fast, stable, and easy to maintain.
  • Following the customer’s requirements, we added an offline mode to the deployment procedure to work fully offline when needed.
  • Using Ansible, we set up full-on support for upgrading the FOX versions in one-click throughout the whole AWS-based system.
  • Our DevOps engineer adjusted the existing CI/CD processes to deploy the code on all AWS Labs automatically.
  • Using automated environment creation, we established all Dev and Test labs required by BKS engineering department work processes.

Further Milestones

  • Set up AWS Kubernetes Service (EKS) as a docker orchestration tool for the FOX system.
  • Escort the system-wide evolution to Microservices.

Why Amazon Was the Right Choice

Our Results



Profisea is an Israeli DevOps & Cloud boutique service company. Uniskai by Profisea Labs -AI-Based Multicloud Cost Optimization Platform

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Profisea is an Israeli DevOps & Cloud boutique service company. Uniskai by Profisea Labs -AI-Based Multicloud Cost Optimization Platform