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Cloud hosting is the trend every organization is willing to adopt. Progressive businesses give up building in-house computing infrastructures for cloud hosting services and solutions administered by giant world’s cloud providers like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. According to a report, 75% of IT decision-makers are considering turning to the cloud’s adjustable and scalable services. Taking advantage of IaaS also gives you the flexibility to innovate faster, duplicate production environments, scale up or down ad-lib and take advantage of new technologies as they are released. However, with great flexibility also comes a new set of challenges like the complexity of…

ProfiSea Labs, Next-gen Cloud Management Platform (Israel)

News flash!

The time has come.

We’re beyond happy to announce that we’ve launched the Beta version of our multi-cloud management platform “ProfiSea Labs”.

It’s a next-gen optimization system that is the first of its kind to combine cloud cost analysis, cost saving, and visualization capabilities.

With it, you can govern your cloud infrastructure, reducing expenses on your virtual assets up to 90 percent.

ProfiSea Labs offers truly unique features, drives robust results, and is completely free.

Do you want to become an early adopter or get the details about our product? Contact us asap — we’re only a few clicks away.

We are honored to welcome Itsik Harpaz to the ProfiSea Labs Advisory Board.

Colonel (Res.) Itsik Harpaz has spent more than 25 years leading the Big Data, Infrastructure, and IT division in the elite Israeli Military Intelligence Unit 8200.

Now a retired veteran, he is a top-notch senior executive, entrepreneur, and mentor with a proven track record of building and enhancing innovative R&D companies. He is proficient in turning IT opportunities into business growth, using multidisciplinary, deep experience in cybersecurity, IoT, data analytics, RF, blockchain, mechanics, and industrial engineering.

We’re delighted he’s joining us and will help strengthen our strategic…

ProfiSea, Israeli DevOps & Cloud Company,

For the past several months, we’ve been sorting out everything microservices-related from teams organization, user interface, and data storing to distributed and security concepts, API gateways, registries, and more. You already know how to apply the Microservice architecture to build a shipment application as a set of services. Now it’s time to wrap up and cross the finish line by digging into the patterns of the deployment process.

As we’ve mentioned, microservices are the stand-alone, independently developed and scalable artifacts. To provide the proper level of their performance and availability, you have to deploy them as a series of multiple…

Stating the obvious here, but 2020 was a hard year for everyone at best. Continuity and resiliency of businesses worldwide have suffered because of the rapid unanticipated changes and economic collapse. Numerous companies faced massive layoffs, revenue drop, and the need to cut costs while maintaining their operations up and running.

However, some found the most efficient way to fight back the COVID-19 disruption. They reduced their IT costs through robust DevOps, cloud optimization, and automation of manual tasks. …

About the client

Our partner Sirin Labs is a top-notch smartphone manufacturer that operates since 2013. Well-established and backed by significant investors, with offices in Israel and Switzerland, the company bridges the gap between the blockchain economy and the mass market through extensive cybersecurity and outstanding user experience.

Using the leading communication technologies, Sirin Labs develops a premier blockchain-enabled, cyber-protected smartphone with a built-in cold storage wallet. It’s a state-of-the-art device that has a unique Safe Screen for secure crypto transactions. A multi-layered cybersecurity suite provides proactive protection in real-time via a behavioral-based and machine learning Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

Executive Summary

The company was…

ProfiSea, Israeli DevOps & Cloud Company.

When it comes to microservices applications, appropriately dealing with security measures is highly important. As microservices-based software is a composition of decentralized and loosely-coupled services, you risk facing tangible security threats. Especially when your app is deployed on a cloud platform. That’s why today we’re discussing some extra precautions you have to consider while creating a microservices ecosystem.

Security in Microservices: 3 Main Things to Remember

Following our course on Microservices basics, you already know the specifics of microservice architecture, particularly the need to use API gateways as a single entry point for client requests. …

ProfiSea, Israeli DevOps & Cloud Company

About Britannica Knowledge Systems (BKS)

BKS is an award-winning software development company that optimizes customers’ training operations with the most comprehensive scheduling, qualification, training, and learning management solutions. Many industry leaders in civil aviation, defense and security, training provision, and compliance training worldwide have successfully implemented Britannica’s customizable training management software called Fox. Their team ensures that the end-customers design, schedule, execute, evaluate, and monitor the training programs with increased operational efficiency, better training delivery, and higher effectiveness and overall performance.

Built on hybrid algorithms and heuristics, Fox optimizes resource allocation and management, maximizes success and ROI. It simplifies complex scheduling tasks and manages the…

ProfiSea, DevOps&Cloud Company, Israel

It’s not a time to give up or panic. Now is a time to unite and help each other. We’re aware that this is not the first article with such a headline that you’ve seen during the last week. However, as our contribution to the current global situation, in our quick guide, we’d like to state only the concrete facts and provide you with actual solid advice on how to cope with the enforced transition to remote work.

Key Pillars to Maintain Your Remote Work at the Best Quality Level

1. Communication

Regardless of the situation, there is always a solution. In modern times, it’s the distributed or remote cooperation among teams and clients…

ProfiSea, Israel. DevOps Colledge

You may say how much more should we discuss the same thing? True, anyone can get tired of repeating the one description over and over again. So, today, we decided to dive a little deeper and explore the services from a more technical side, but still in a simple way. How do they work? Communicate? Interact? Let’s focus on microservices’ communication and relationships with each other.

Services Themselves. At the Scale

As you remember, after you separated your app into subdomains, each of them is then wrapped into the service package. All of them are deployed and ran entirely independently. We also know that these…


A boutique company of DevOps and Cloud professionals, providing a wide range of Digital Transformation services.

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